Mi Pueblo

As of lately, I have been in a huge veggie burrito phase. Commonly, I enjoy eating breakfast burritos, shrimp burritos, lengua (beef tongue) burritos, and sometimes veggie burritos. I have been told frequently by a family member of how odd it is to order a veggie burrito. In his perspective, he sees it as a waste of a burrito. I, on the other hand, see it differently. Instead I believe veggie burritos are harder to make.

Normally, the meat is the highlight of a burrito. Therefore, when having to remove it in a burrito, the cook needs to make sure they do the other parts very carefully. A veggie burrito can either be delicious or feel like a soggy salad in a tortilla if done wrong. As a result, I feel they are just as good as regular burritos if done correctly. And I personally feel Mi Pueblos is one of the top spots in Northern California who does veggie burritos.

Before, continuing with this review I just want to share that Mi Pueblos is a mini taqueria chain in Sonoma/Marin County of California. In some ways, it is similar to Molca Salsa and Alberto’s in SoCal. If you are from SoCal this should hopefully help you understand the comparison. If not, another way for me to describe it is that there are 5 other restaurants under the same management.

Now back to my food review. Mi Pueblo is a very popular spot in Sonoma County. People commonly come here for their huge portions and their margaritas. There are about eight different flavors they offer for their margaritas for a cost of $7 to $8. Depending on the size you choose.

As for me, I come here for the veggie burritos. In fact, I have gone here five times in the past three weeks in order to receive their veg burrito.

Their veggie burritos come in a wet burrito style. In other words, no tin foil wrapping. Just straight up burrito on a plate with sauce drizzled all over. I am commonly a fan of this type of style, but this place does not drown it with a strong sauce. In the photo the sauce may seem oily, but in reality it isn’t. It is very light.

As for the burrito itself, it is very tasty. The tortilla is soft due to the style and the sour cream is very good. The good thing about their burritos is that they make sure to mix it properly. A common issue I find in burritos is that they do not distribute the products properly in the tortilla. For example, in a bad burrito you might be unable to taste the avocado until you reach one certain point of the burrito. This place doesn’t do that mistake. Instead they spread it out properly where each bite taste the same. This is something I really appreciate and keep coming back for.

Even though I commonly come here for their veggie burritos, I did take photos of dishes my cousin ordered. I forget the first photo, but the second one was their shrimp cocktail. It was a really big dish and I can tell it made him really full.

And lastly, every time you come here the place gives you a free complimentary dish of chips and salsa. I wouldn’t normally share this since many taquerias do this, but I felt I had to share this because of their red salsa. It is honestly very tasty and addicting to eat. When I mean addicting, I am referring to how difficult it is to stop eating it. It is like eat Cheez-Its. You just can’t stop eating after one.

Overall, I feel this is a good spot for people to try out. These places are commonly busy and filled with people having a good time. If you like alcohol and Mexican food then you will be sure to have a good time.

Later Days…

800 Petaluma Blvd N
Petaluma, CA 94952


One thought on “Mi Pueblo

  1. dude. veggie burritos are the bomb. haha.

    the shrimp cocktail looks crazy. but i’m hoping it was equally delicious?

    can’t wait for our next food adventures man.

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