Chomp N’ Swig



Chomp N’ Swig. Simple and a straight forward name. Confused? Well it is generally a place to chomp on food and swig on some beer. Recently, I have visited this place after randomly finding it on Yelp. I have been searching for places in the Bay Area that know their beers. Thankfully, I believe this is one of those locations.

Right off when you enter, you notice how small and homey the place is. It may not be a lot of space, but the interior still makes this place appealing. As you enter you see a small bar, tables, TVs, beer, tap handles, board games and a beautiful modern design on the wall. Some may even call the place “hipster” like. I, however, think it is a good vibe for people who just want to eat, drink, and go.







Another good thing about this place is their menu is simple. There isn’t too much and the descriptions are not too fancy. You are easily able to decide and know what you will want to eat. The good thing is their menu are foods you know compliment well with a drink.



In addition to their menu, the highlight is their beer. From my experience, there are many places that know their beers and serve them through tap. This place, however, serve most of their beer through the bottle. There is usually the argument that everything is better on tap. However, if you are a true beer person you would know that some beers are actually better through the bottle. Thankfully, this place fulfills that other side.



Now for the food. My girlfriend went simple by ordering a spicy beef sandwich and tacos. Overall, I really enjoyed them. The sandwich was very good due to the cheese and sauce included. Generally, it tasted like a sloppy joe/po’ boy without the mess. As for the tacos, they were like any usual tacos, but the guacamole they use was the highlight for me. I am usually never big on guac, but I really liked their’s for some reason.




In conclusion, I plan to come back to this place very soon. They have many beers I want to try and everyday has a special event. This is a great place if you love beer and if you want to find a gem in San Francisco.

1541 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118

Mon 4 pm – 9 pm

Tue-Wed, Sun 10 am – 9 pm

Thu-Sat 10 am – 11 pm

Later Days…


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