Humboldt Brews


A few days ago, I went up to Arcata to help one of my friends move for graduate school. Arcata is very different environment from my typical San Francisco adventures. There are tons of birds, trees, and an environment that reminds you of Dawson’s Creek. However, one of the things they have that made me feel at home was their beer.

Prior before coming up, my friend told me about many brews they have established in the area. Many are popular and some only known to the locals. Regardless, it made the visit seem intriguing. Therefore, after helping him move in all his belongings to his new place, it was time to try some of these brews. Unfortunately, we were very hungry rather than thirsty after finishing up. So with a quick change, he recommended a local restaurant that had burgers and a good variety of different beers on tap. Even though we were no longer visiting local microbrews anymore, it was okay. My hunger got the best of me and I knew I was still going to be able to drink some beer anyway.

So the place my friend recommended was a little popular college place called, Humboldt Brews. As you walk in, you can tell the place was a popular spot for college students. There were flat screens, beer, and typical bar food like hamburgers. Great for any typical college student.




On their menu, it contained your typical bar food. Hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, tacos, and anything they can deep fry. Generally, calories galore.

For our dishes, my friend ordered their Wing Dinger Burger with Cheese Garlic Fries.


I was unable to try his burger, but he told me this was one of his favorites to always order when visiting. I did, however, try the fries and they were pretty good. The cheese was melted really well, but could have been better if they had added more. As for my dish, I ordered their Angry Goat Burger.


Honestly, I only ordered this burger because I thought the meat was going to be goat. Unfortunately, it was a typical patty and the goat part being the cheese. Even though I misinterpreted the name, it was still good. If you are a spicy food eater, this will be good for you. The reason is they top the burger with tons of jalapenos. Not your typical one to three slices, but instead about 10+ slices. This was oddly tasty to me, but visually gross to my friend. Didn’t matter though, still tasted good.

Overall, I really enjoyed this place. The service is also very good and the staff seem to really enjoy being around each other. The next time I am ever up here, I do plan to come back during their night hours. From the look on their flyers, their nightlife seems to be a fun place for the locals. Hopefully, I can be able to experience this next time.

Later Days…


856 10th St
Arcata, CA 95521

Mon-Wed 12 pm – 12 am

Thu-Sat 12 pm – 1:30 am

Sun 12 pm – 11 pm


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