Ruen Pair Thai Cuisine



Being part Thai, I rarely eat out for Thai food. I get it at home so much that Thai restaurants rarely are a top priority whenever eating out. However, last month I was on vacation with my family and my dad said we had to stop by this place. In his opinion, this is one of his go to Thai food joints whenever he is in SoCal. Consequently, we HAD to come here at least one night during our vacation for dinner.

Even though, we have gone here many times as a family, it has been years since I actually ate there. If I had to think on the top of my head, it was probably five solid years since I actually stopped by this place. Therefore, when I returned last month I was able to experience it as an adult rather than a child who didn’t know much about food. And after taking my first bite into my dinner… I started to understand as an adult on why my dad loved this place.



Before I describe my food experience, I want to briefly mention about the vibe/environment. Generally, it is a nice small place that is popular with many of the locals. It is your typical joint where one minute the place can be nice and calm, but within another minute a huge rush can come in out of nowhere. Also the place is a diner dash type of environment where people eat and go. You can hang out here if you choose to, but generally the eaters that come-in have a mission of eating and bouncing.

As for the decor, it is pretty simple. It is well-lighted and does not seem tacky. Usually I worry when I go to Thai places because my people either make their restaurants feel comfortable or super tacky. Hence, I think many people who choose to come here would like how the place is set-up. In all honesty, the decor gives a calm feel, which may play a big role in your food experience.



What is Thai food experience without some Thai Iced Tea?

Of course, being here on a long hot summer day I had to get some. As expected, it was very refreshing and made correctly. Commonly, these drinks are mixed with half and half, but some Thai places cheap out and give other kind of milk. Thankfully, this place doesn’t because I was able to taste the correct milk mix needed.



This dish is their ‘Duck over Rice’. It is a simple title and simple meal. However, the taste is more than simple. Basically, this meal is all about comfort. Yes, there isn’t a lot of ingredients, but sometimes you do not need that and if done right it doesn’t matter. Thankfully, this place does a really great job where the meat is juicy and the skin/fat is flavorful. Highly recommend this dish if you don’t know what to order and want a simple meal for the night.



For my meal, I ordered their ‘Chicken over Rice’. Again, simple name/simple dish. However, similar to the meal mentioned earlier, it does a great job on doing it right. In reality, I eat this dish a lot at home. Even though I have had this before, I wanted something to remind me of home since I was on vacation. This dish did a great job. The chicken was cooked right and the sauce on side reminded me of how my mom and aunt cooked it. Definitely, my top dish to recommend for visitors. May not look real special, but it is something you should order for your group if going out with friends.

Overall, I highly recommend this spot to people in the SoCal area. Experiencing it as an adult made me realize how much credit I never gave this place as a kid. In reality, this is a top hot spot people should visit if in the area. This restaurant is located in a plaza full of Thai restaurants, but in my opinion I feel like their quality is better due to their ability to keep their cooking to true Thai style. Therefore, check this place out.

Later Days…

5257 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Mon-Sun 10:30 am – 3:30 am



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