Red Corner Asia


Red Corner Asia is a popular restaurant in Thai Town, Los Angeles. It is located near many different Thai restaurants yet is still popular to many locals and tourists.


Inside it has many seats and tables for customers. During dinner is probably their most busiest hours. I came here during the beginning of lunch so as you can see in the photo… no one is in yet. Even though the photo seems pretty empty, do not let it fool you. It is a pretty poppin’ place.



For our appetizer, we had their Bangkok Calamari. This was probably my favorite dish of the place. It was crispy, had a nice texture, and it was very soft on the inside. In addition, the sweet and sour sauce on the side was a good match. Personally I would have liked a lighter fish sauce, but this dip helped add some vivid flavors to the dish.


In the photo above is their Tom Yum Noodles. Overall, it is similar to pho, but with different broth and noodles. In some ways, it has a sweet and season taste you typically have in a Thai Cuisine.


This is their Lard Nar. To be honest, this was probably my biggest disappointment of the place because it all honesty… it wasn’t Lard Nar. If you do not know, Lard Nar is not soupy. Basically, it is stir-fried noodles with sauce glazed on top. This was generally a soup dish and I thought it was bland and flavorless.


And lastly, this is their Tom Yum Fried Rice. Very flavorful throughout the plate. They made sure they mixed all the flavors in evenly. They should have taken the bamboo out, but besides that it was good. If you are a fried rice lover, this may be a good dish for you.

Overall, it was a good place. Not a place I would go crazy for, but one that does have some unique stand-out dishes for customers. If you are ever in Thai Town, this isn’t a bad spot to check out.

Later Days…

5267 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027


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